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Austrian driving license that you as of now have a driving permit, yet it was not gotten in the European Union country, then, at that point, you can utilize it on Austrian streets. Yet, just in six months or less.


To get an Austrian driver’s permit, certain circumstances are essential:

To start with, you pick the driving school. There are a lot of them in Austria, and it isn’t important to visit the one that is in the spot of enrollment. While the driving school is picked, the possibility for a driver composes an application. Information, remembered for it, is placed into the unique register of driving licenses. That is, all conventions are dealt with by the driving school itself.

You can’t begin preparing in a driving school, on the off chance that there is no half-year stretch before the base required age. For the most well-known B permit, this age is 18. In this way, admission to preparing can be acquired no sooner than 17.5 years.

An exemption for the standard is the unique L17 preparing program presented by practically all Austrian driving schools. It permits you to get a driving permit in Austria at 17 years old.


Regardless, you can’t get an Austrian driver’s permit without going through hypothetical examinations. The last option can be joined with pragmatic driving illustrations.

For a very long time there is a staggered preparing framework for those wishing to get an Austrian driver’s permit . This implies that even a holder of an Austrian driver’s permit will be expected to take extraordinary seminars on improving the driving ability.


The hypothetical piece of driving guidance in Austria requires 32 hours. Then, at that point, the individual picks himself with what power the person ought to concentrate on the hypothesis – two hours two times every week for a long time (a normal course), 4 hours four times each week for quite a long time (a serious course), or 4 hours day to day for 8 days (an express course).

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In any of three variations of preparing, you will in any case finish important 32 hours. Likewise there is a potential chance to purchase printed materials (books) and a plate in the driving school – for 40 euros – where all inquiries, circumstances and activities, no matter what, remembered for the hypothetical assessment, are contained.

During the hypothetical course or after it you should take an emergency treatment course. It is paid independently (55 euros). This program requires 6 hours, during which the future driver will be shown the abilities of counterfeit breath, shut chest knead, and so on.

The test is led on PCs in discrete stalls. The substance of the test is standard and the equivalent for the entire Austria. In the substance of the hypothetical assessment there is a block (module) with essential undertakings for all classes – it is passed by all regardless, and 9 additional modules by classes (A, B, C, C1, D, D1, BE, E, F). To get B permit, he passes the base module and the class B module. At the point when somebody who as of now has a driver’s permit and needs to get another classification, finishes a hypothetical test, he won’t have to respond to the inquiries of the base module.

Buy Austrian driving license Online Austria

There are 4 potential solutions for each inquiry. One, two, three, and every one of them four can be right. Questions are simple, medium and troublesome. Assuming that you have any challenges, you can skip questions and they will show up toward the end.

It is offered a couple of additional inquiries for every primary one. Be that as it may, they will not show up, on the off chance that the fundamental inquiry is offered some unacceptable response.

Altogether, every module has 20 inquiries. Thus, the whole test contains 40 inquiries. You really want to respond to them in 30 minutes.

On the off chance that the up-and-comer has 80% of the expected number of focuses, the test is passed. Every module is assessed independently.

The main endeavor to breeze through the test is free. You should pay for all resulting.

Without the death of the essential module and module of the chose classification the candidate will not be permitted to step through the reasonable driving examination


Subsequent to breezing through the hypothetical test, the arrangement of multi-stage driving guidance includes the entry of three additional stages:

those wishing to get class A1, A2 and A priority 12 hours of pragmatic driving. The person who picked classification B ought to have 13 comparative hours. Those inclining toward classification F should get 4 hours, and so on.

Truth be told, an hour of down to earth preparing implies just 50 minutes of driving.

As indicated by Austrian regulation, at the principal phase of driving guidance it is important to drive with an educator for somewhere around 6 hours. The preliminary stage happens on the preparation site/autodrome, where the understudy gets to know driving a vehicle. An essential preparation happens in tired regions, with a base vehicle stream.

The quantity of driving hours expected to finish the fundamental piece of the preparation isn’t controlled by regulation and relies upon the understudy’s advancement and abilities, however ought to be essentially 60 minutes, even with adequate driving abilities.

Items in the fundamental period of down to earth driving guidance:

– remarked driving;

– evaluation of the traffic, precautionary driving style;

– path change;

– going into a quick vehicle stream;

– arranging convergences;

– driving in a rush hour gridlock stream;

– driving on two-way traffic;

– driving on hazardous areas;

– efficient driving;

– driving in a quick rush hour gridlock stream;

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